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Today all people are using different platforms made by Google, such as search engine Google YouTube Streaming and many more. Most people try to find the solution to their problem through videos on YouTube more than by reading contacts on most websites. But for some time, downloading videos and showing advertisements between videos has been started by YouTube.

Many wars are disturbed by the advertisements that come while watching YouTube videos, that’s why they want to find a way through which they do not have to watch any advertisements on YouTube, that’s why YouTube pink APK was created, through which you can get all the premium features of YouTube. As you can enjoy your video without any advertisement, and at the same time, you can also use premium features provided on YouTube, like YouTube background play.

If seen, YouTube pink is an advanced version of youtube that people can use for free The procedure is given below if you want to know it, then call all the steps given below.

youtube pink
App NamePink YouTube Apk
GenreVideo Players & editors
Size50 MB
Latest Versionv16.38.39
Get it OnGoogle Play Store & Hacknos Drive
UpdateMay 21, 2022

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If you are also using the YouTube application and you are very much troubled by the advertisement, then you can use YouTube pink APK, here, you have the facility to watch all the videos and channels on YouTube for free without any advertisement. Also, this application is free for all users, and you do not need to purchase any subscription.

With all the premium features of YouTube, like downloading YouTube videos, playing videos in the background, and enjoying videos without any advertising, you are also looking for a similar application that offers all the features and benefits of YouTube. To show you the video with premium features, you can download YouTube pink APK.

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What is YouTube pink APK?

If YouTube pink apk is called the advanced version of youtube, then there is no wrong thing because keeping in mind the youtube application, YouTube pink apk has been created. Provides users.

youtube pink apk

If seen, the name of the YouTube pink apk starts with pink because the theme used in YouTube pink apk is full pic like the one used in youtube is red colour in the same way theme used in YouTube pink apk It is of pink colour that is why the name of this Android application is YouTube pink APK.

It is very easy to download and install YouTube pink application for free, for which you have to download YouTube pink APK for your Android phone from the download link provided on our website.

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What is YouTube Red APK?

The YouTube application created by Google is used with the theme of red colour, which means that most of the sections in the YouTube application you use are of red colour, that’s why it is called YouTube Right APK, in the same way, YouTube pink Mostly pink colour is used in apk, in both these applications you only see the difference of pink and red colour. Still, both the application is very advanced and made keeping in view the features of the user.

youtube pink apk download,

As we told you, like YouTube and YouTube pink APK, YouTube Rate APK is also an advanced version where you can download all the videos on YouTube and watch them without advertisement, even here, you will get all the features of YouTube. Which are available on change on subscription, and this application is also absolutely free for all people.

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How can I install YouTube Pink?

So far, you have learned a lot about YouTube pink APK, now, I will tell you how you can download YouTube pink APK and install it on your phone, for this, follow all the steps given below.

Note: Before installing the application, you must stop the Play Protection service of the phone, if you do not do this, then the YouTube pink APK will not be installed on your phone.

  • To download YouTube pink apk, first, you have to click on the download button given below, after which you will be able to download YouTube pink apk easily.
  • Ways to download the application, it will be saved by going to the download folder available in your phone storage, from where you can install it, you have to click on the application to install.
  • After this, the application installation process will start where you have to click on the install button.
  • After clicking on the install button, you will be asked for some permissions, after which your YouTube pink APK will be successfully installed on your phone.

Safe and confidential

If seen, YouTube pink APK is an advanced version of the Google YouTube application, where you get to download YouTube for free, here, you do not get to see any advertisement, and you can take advantage of all our premium features. Which you get by changing on YouTube subscription, but this application is made by a third party developer, for this reason, we cannot tell it is safe.

youtube pink download,

If you download YouTube pink APK, then definitely scan it once with your antivirus, if there is any virus in it, you will know this thing already.

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Play videos in the background

YouTube pink apk is an advanced version of the youtube application in which all premium features of youtube are provided. One such premium feature of youtube is to play videos in the background, which means when you play any video on your phone screen, even when it is locked, the audio coming from the video does not stop, and you can easily enjoy your video while the screen is locked.

youtube pink app download,

Most people use different techniques to use YouTube’s play video in background feature, and also some mobile phone developer company gives some such features in the UI of their phone through which you can run the applications in the background. To use this teacher, you have to change on subscription in the official application of YouTube, but in YouTube pink APK, this feature is available to sir free.

Dark Mode

Everyone mostly uses the YouTube video streaming platform to watch videos which Google makes, and many features have been given here by using which you sir can make your experience even more in hand, and one such Application is YouTube pink apk.

YouTube Pink Apk

YouTube pink apk also has the facility of dark mod like youtube, through which you can divide the application into two themes, light and dark, dark mod is mainly used during the night and smarter than using tooth mode feature. All the videos and activities given on the screen of the phone do not harm our eyes in any way.

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No Country Restriction in Content

YouTube pink Apk, I don’t see any restrictions. You get this feature you can access related videos and youtube channels from any country, this feature is not given to you in the official application of youtube, but if you are using YouTube pink apk, then you can use this feature.

You can also apply filters to see videos from any country, using which you can see the contacts of a specific country and use all these features together without purchasing any subscription.

Pink color theme

Most of the people who use the youtube application know that the red colour theme is used on youtube, which means all animation buttons and sections shown on youtube are mostly red color, in the same way, YouTube pink apk mostly pink colour is used.

Like YouTube, you can also enjoy videos in YouTube pink APK, and here you are shown the entire user interface in pink colour, that’s why this application is named YouTube pink, this color looks beautiful, that’s why people are using this application more.

Adjust screen brightness

With this feature of YouTube pink Apk, you can increase or decrease your phone’s screen brightness without turning off the video. After which, you will be able to increase or decrease the brightness according to your convenience.

YouTube Pink Apk

Play Videos on Loop

Play Videos on Low feature will automatically repeat all the videos playing in YouTube pink APK, which means when your video ends, it will start automatically. You will be able to watch the video again easily, and you will be able to watch the video in different groups, and I can also see.

No advertising

As I have told you initially, YouTube pink APK works like most YouTube applications, but here you get to use all the premium features of YouTube for free, and some of the premium features also come with a new advertisement. Through this, you can easily enjoy your videos without any advertisements.

YouTube Pink Apk

Different types of advertisements are shown to the users on the youtube application, and to block the advertisement, you have to buy a premium subscription on youtube, but in YouTube pink apk, you are not shown any advertising nor have to buy any subscription. The application is free for all people.

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Connect with TV

To watch the video playing on your phone on a bigger screen, you can connect YouTube pink apk with your tv, after which you can easily watch any video on your tv screen through YouTube pink apk connectivity v feature. You can do this easily, in this, you can use the YouTube Cast feature, through which you can connect both the phone and the TV with each other, due to which your phone screen starts showing on your TV.

Picture in picture mode

If you want to see a picture while using YouTube pink Apk application, then you can use special picture mode through which you will be able to enjoy your favourite movie, even more, this feature is provided to you free by YouTube pink Apk Through which you will be able to watch your favourite movie in more high quality and will be able to use different features.

Switchable themes

Different themes have been given in YouTube pink APK so that the user can change according to his convenience, here, you have been given light mode and dark mode, using which you can use the phone during day time and night time. You can easily see all the videos playing in this theme, and you can save your eyes from harm, you can change these themes by going to the setting of YouTube pink apk.

Double taps

When you watch any video through this application, you are also given the double type feature while watching the video, through which you can double type the video forward or backwards by 10 seconds, through this feature, you can move across the tape. You can easily access what you want to see.

Less space consumption

YouTube pink Apk is designed with very premium features as well as its most significant advantage is that it takes up very less storage in your phone, which means this application uses very less storage, and there is no extra storage in your phone. Due to falls, it becomes a very compact application.

Synchronization of the devices

In whichever device you install YouTube pink apk, it syncs very well with your device, due to which if you use any feature available in YouTube pink application, then it looks even more attractive to you as well as This application does not process any illegal activity or inject Malviya with your phone.

Intelligent user interface

You all know that the user interface of the YouTube application made by Google is very attractive and very user friendly, due to which everyone learns to use YouTube very quickly, in the same way, the user interface of YouTube pink Apk is also amicable and does not take you much time to learn it.

To access its attractive, user-friendly interface, you need to download YouTube pink APK for which you can easily download this application to your phone for free by clicking on the download button given below and using all the premium features from YouTube. Can.

Free of charge

I have been telling you from the beginning that YouTube pink APK is free. Any user can use it for free, it is an advanced version of YouTube itself. Still, if seen, it is much more advanced than YouTube, where You get to see all the premium features of YouTube and many more new features what most users like is that you can use it free, and you do not need to take any subscription.

Zoom across all devices

Through YouTube pink, APK’s Zoom Across All Devices feature, you can zoom in on any one of the feeds while watching a video. Paperwork is related work where you do not see the text in the video properly.

High-quality resolution

You can easily watch all the videos in absolutely HD quality through the high-quality regulation feature. Here, you also get to download the videos in high quality, through which you can easily enjoy the videos even in offline mode here. But you can play videos online in your desired video quality.

To understand any video, its picture quality should be good. You can easily see all the particles running in the video, and your brain can understand that video easily. This feature is for you to use in YouTube pink apk for free. Is found.

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Suppose you are also looking for the best alternative to the YouTube application made by Google. In that case, you can use YouTube pink APK, this application is exactly similar to the YouTube application, and here you get all the features which are On purchasing a YouTube premium subscription, you get, here you get to watch videos video downloading, play videos in the background and without advertisement.

Read this entire article to know the process of downloading YouTube pink APK, you will be told in the article through which process you will download and install YouTube pink APK on your Android phone.

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