xResolver 2.0 New Features | Xbox and PlayStation Resolver 2022

New Features in xResolver 2.0: Best Resolver for Xbox and PlayStation Users | Xresolver New Features | Xbox and PlayStation Resolver (Updated 2022)

xResolver 2.0 New Features: Everyone likes to play games today, and most people try to make their career in games, and online games are increasing day by day. Today, different gaming companies have given this growing population of online gaming to create very popular games.

Big companies create games, and a real-life experience is brought to the people, today, many games are becoming famous among the people, such as pubg, Fortnite, Minecraft, counter. Strike, God of War and Valorant.

These are some of the games that people mostly like to play, in today’s time, where people have millions of games from mobile to computer, the same people are now converting their computers and mobile to even more high specifications to play the game. That’s why people are spending more money buying such a device where they get an even better gaming experience.

Today, we will tell you about one such teacher who can prove to be very important and useful for Xbox and PlayStation users. Today we are going to tell you about Xresolve. Using Xresolve, you can get information about your friends and acquaintances while playing the game, such as what country the people are playing with you, their IP address etc.

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Xresolve is a tool using which Xbox and PlayStation users can learn the IP address and location of the people playing with you. To use it, you need to know Gamertags.

Today there are many such platforms where people interact with each other or play games together, and there are many such first shooter games in which people talk with each other and become very good friends of each other.

xResolver 2.0 New Features

If you also want to know about the people playing with you or know from which country the person in front belongs and what his name is, you can use Xresolve. To use Xresolve, you must have an Xbox or PlayStation, either of the devices you play the game.

Using Xresolve is as easy as finding out about the person in front, although there are many mediums and tools available on the Internet through which you can get information about the people playing with you, through Xresolve, It becomes very easy to do this.

You do not need to have any technical knowledge to use Xresolve, its interface is very user-friendly, and even a person who has never run an advanced software can operate it easily.

Recently, a new update of Xresolve has been launched, named Xresolve 2.0. Using Xresolve 2.0 is as easy as it is to Xresolve. Many different new features have been added to Xresolve 2.0, which you can use by visiting the official website of Xresolve.

Although the new features of Xresolve 2.0 are easy to use, some of the added features like IP storage, phone lookup, and IP logger are there. Using this, you will be able to get information about the players playing with you in a better way.

Xresolve 2.0 has just overtaken computers such as OctoSniff and Xboxresolver. Due to the new update of Xresolve, now it has become even more advanced, and people have started liking it even more.

It is not illegal to use the Xresolve 2.0 tool. By using this, you can protect yourself, and it will work to protect you from all those who want to harm you. The stool is used only with consent.

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Features of xResolver

Gamertag and PSN Username Resolvers

Xresolve is very easy to use and can be easily used by users of both the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Any Xbox user has Game Time to IP Address Resolver. And on the other hand, there is an IP address resolver for PlayStation users.

Both of them have millions of game types available, using which the username can be easily extracted from the database.

Gamertag and PSN Username Resolvers

The work of finding out about the game tax ip-address of any user or player is done by millions of bots present on the Internet, which go to different platforms and scan the user’s IP address and game tax, from where you get information about the person in front.

Finding out the IP address of any user is not an illogical task because the IP addresses available to all the people are public, and in a day, thousands of millions of IP addresses are generated.

To get information about any player, you have to have the game or username of the person in front of you, using which you can find out his location and IP address. You have to give the game tiger or username and then click on the resolver button, and the person’s information in front of you will come.

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Geo IP Lookup

To get the information on the location or home of any person, his IP address is very important. This happens because all the users available on the Internet are given an IP address, which is their Internet address. If you find out the IP address of a person, you can use that IP address to get all the information about the person’s location and related to the IP address.

Geo IP Lookup

To assign IP to any person depends on the service provided by his internet provider. If you know the ip-address of any person or player, then you can easily find out about the location of the player in front by using that ip-address and get all the information that is available from an IP address. can be extracted by

IP Logger

In the IP logger feature provided by Xresolve, you can create custom links to get the IP address and information of the players playing with you. You have to create a custom link and send it to the front player.

As soon as the player in front clicks on the custom link sent by you, then you get its location, operating system and IP address, through the feature, you can easily be able to get information about any person.

IP Logger

To create a custom link, all you have to do is choose a nickname and then select the logger type, after that, you can create a custom link for yourself immediately after clicking on the create a new button and use it to get information from others. Can.

Through the IP logger feature, you can collect information about maximum players, although the IP logger feature is not accessible, if any person uses it for free, then he can get information about 10 players on one page for himself. And a premium user can get information about 100 players on a single page.

To use the IP logger feature, you can create a page where you can save information about different players.

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PSN Username Checker

This is another feature of Xresolve 2.0, which can be used very much for PlayStation users because by using it, you can save your time and get maximum information by the username of the person in front.

Getting information about a person by using a username has become very easy now it is possible with the Xresolve PSN Username Checker Tool. Here you can get information by just entering the player’s user name and avoiding unnecessary information.

IP Storage

With Xresolve 2.0’s IP storage feature, you can safely store players’ IPs and add a separate note to each player’s ID to identify them. Both premium and free users can use this feature of Xresolve.

Old is allowed to share for free user, whereas no limit has been mentioned for premium users if there is a premium user or free user who has not received any response on his account for more than three months If it is visible, then the data saved by it will be deleted.

If you are using this feature, keep in mind that your account should be updated daily so that you can save the IP saved by you.

Blocklisting Your IP Address

By Blacklist Future of Xresolve 2.0, you can protect yourself from other players if any other player wants to get information about you and want to find out your IP address at this location using Xresolve, then you can use Xresolve. You can use the blocklist feature.

If you use the blocklist feature, you can protect your ID from other uses, for this, you have to buy the blocklist feature of Xresolve, and you will be able to secure your IP address on every purchase.

Getting Started with xResolver

To use all the new features of Xresolve, you have to buy a premium of it, using which you can use all the new features that we told you about. Xresolve can be a very good tool if you use its premium features.

Getting Started with xResolver

You can also use Xresolve for free, but not many features are available for Shree users, due to which people prefer to take the premium of Xresolve. You have to pay $8 every month to take the premium of Xresolve, and there is no annual subscription, and you can use your credit card/debit card to buy Xresolve premium.

All the Xresolve features we have told you about today are available on both free and premium accounts. I prefer to buy premium.

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What is xResolver?

Using Xresolve, you can get information about the people playing the game with you, but for this, you should know the game tag of the player in front, using which you will be able to find his location and IP address.

Can I store IP addresses on xResolver?

If you are using Xresolve, you have also got the storage feature in Xresolve. You are using which you can safely save the IP addresses of all players.

Are there any other alternatives to xResolver?

There are many tools and software available on the Internet, using which you can get information about the people playing the game and find their IP addresses. However, the best alternatives are psnresolver, OctoSniff, and Xbox Resolver, which you can use.

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