How to Type (°) Degree Symbol in macOS 2022

Type (°) Degree Symbol in macOS: It is generally seen that there are many types of Symbols in the keyboard we use, but there are some symbols that you cannot type through the keyboard, and the same happens with the users using Apple macOS. He is not able to type Symbol degree through the keyboard.

Office workers use the degree symbol or different types of Symbols to create their document, or for any other test document, for which they go to Google and search and copy-paste the Symbol document in which They are working, but this is not a solution, today we will tell you how you can type Symbol of degree in Apple macOS.

Most users are unaware of the keyboard and notepad feature and don’t know how to type special Symbols. There are a few keys on the keyboard, and in the Notepad, you are working into type Symbol. By going to its options, you can type symbols quickly, but you should be able to use the keyboard and Notepad fully.

If seen, a full-size keyboard has about 125 keys, but due to not having so much in the Apple macOS keyboard, Apple users cannot use different types of Symbols, but they can easily use any Symbol. If they know all the features of Notepad, today we will introduce you to some such features, using which you will be able to use special Symbols.

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Degree symbols can be used in different ways in Apple macOS, and all types of symbols can be used. For this, all the staff given below have to follow you, and you will know.

1. Use the Degree (°) Shortcut on Mac

Most of the usages use keyboard shortcuts to use degree symbols, and these shortcuts are used in different ways. If you also want to know about the degree shortcut or Symbol shortcut used in Apple macOS, you can read below, and you can read the given points.

Option+Shift+8: If you want to type degree simply in your Apple macOS, you can use this shortcut as it is the default method by which you can easily type degree symbol.

Option+K: If you use this shortcut in your Apple macOS, then you can create a Symbol degree symbol like a diacritic mark (˚) which you can also use like a degree symbol because It is the same as the degree symbol if you are creating a document, then you can use this (option + shift + K) shortcut key.

Option + 0 (zero): This shortcut used in Apple macOS is used in different ways, the Symbol made by this shortcut key looks exactly like a degree, but its function is completely different. It is called masculine ordinal indicator (º).

We have just told you three types of shortcuts, by which you can easily type the degree symbol or the Symbol one to see the degree-related and stuff, these shortcuts always work no matter what software or application you use.

You can easily do any edit using all the types mentioned by us. Most people use an editor like Microsoft word, liber office, and Notepad though not pad is not used in apple macOS, Still, you can download the play to your Apple macOS.

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2. Type Degree Symbol on Mac Using Emoji Keyboard

If you do not want to use the shortcuts mentioned by us, then you can easily get the degree symbol on your Apple macOS device using the Symbol keyboard or emoji, for this, you have to follow all the steps given below, and You will know how to use emoji and Symbol keyboard.

1. When you open your document in any text editor, you have to use the ‘control + command + space’ shortcut key in your Apple macOS device to open the emoji keyboard so that you will be able to open the emoji keyboard.

Note: Apart from the shortcut key, you can also use the (Emoji and Symbol option) given in the menu bar to open the emoji keyboard, from where you will be able to open the emoji keyboard easily.

Degree Symbol in macOS

2. When you open the emoji and Symbol key, you have to type degree in the above search box, after which all the emoji related to the degree Symbol will come in front of you from where you will be able to use the degree Symbol easily.

Degree Symbol in macOS

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3. Type Degree Symbol on New MacBooks with Globe Key

With the function key in Apple’s new laptop and keyboard, you get a block key, which can be used for any task, it is made to use a shortcut in a way, you can use this button on your emoji and Symbol keyboard. Canto open.

Apple’s keyboard The ali local key can be used in different ways, most the users use this global key to open the emoji and Symbol keyboard, only you have to press the global key button, and then the automatic emoji keyboard will open in front of you where But you can do degree Symbol search.

Degree Symbol in macOS

4. Use Text Replacement to Type Degree Symbol on macOS

There are different ways to type degree Symbol in Apple macOS, among them, we have told you about the shortcut, by using which you can easily use the Symbol which looks like degree Celsius degree but if you want any other easy If you are looking for a way, then you can try the option of text replacement, where you can replace the text and convert it to degree symbol, its whole process is given to you through the steps below.

  • First, you have to open System Performance in your Apple macOS and then go to the search box and search keyboard.
Degree Symbol in macOS
  • After this, you have to open the section of the keyboard and then click on the text option so that you can show all the settings related to the text.
Degree Symbol in macOS
  • When you go to the text option, you can create a custom text replacement for yourself, and to create a custom text replacement, you have to click on the plus icon given below.
Degree Symbol in macOS
  • When you click on the plane, you can add the text you want to replace, here, you can write the degree “:deg” easily replace the degree symbol.
Degree Symbol in macOS
  • After this, you use the given shortcut key to type the degree Symbol, after which the Symbol of degree will appear in front of you, and whenever you want to tighten or place the Symbol of a degree, you can easily do.
Degree Symbol in macOS
  • After completing this process, whenever you type “:deg” in the text, your text will be automatically replaced with the degree symbol in Apple macOS when the space bar comes.

Final Words

Today we have told you all the ways by which you can easily use the degree symbol in your Apple macOS, for this, you can use the shortcut key or use Modi and Symbol keyboard. In this way, you will be able to get the Symbol of a degree easily.

If you do not want to use both of these methods, you can use the option of text replacement, by which you can replace the given birds after typing them in the Symbol of degrees if you have any questions. You can ask us by commenting.

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