How to Turn off Flash Messages on iPhone 2022?

Turn off Flash Messages on iPhone: All people must use a SIM card while using mobile, through which they can talk to any person on call and send and receive messages. Meanwhile, people get many types of flash messages, some messages are useful. And some messages are only for promotion or advertising new applications and products.

The SIM provider and operator can annoy the user by sending different flash messages to the user. These messages mostly bother people because war does not consider it necessary to read any such message that contains any product advertisement or application.

It has been told that he only likes to read messages related to his work, but still, the process of sending flash messages continuously by SIM providers or by different brands continues, due to which the user starts getting upset. Go.

If you are an iPhone user and do not see any flash message on your phone, you can apply the setting mentioned by us on your iPhone device, after which you will receive any flash message, and it will not be done.

This feature is provided in Apple’s iPhone device, through which you can set this setting in the SIM provided by your SIM provider, and you can easily stop the flash messages, for this, only you have to do some settings, the whole process of which you will be given below. Explained through steps.

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We will tell you the whole process step by step here, through which you will be able to easily stop the flash messages coming in your Apple iPhone device, this process is different in both Android and iPhone devices, that is why today we will tell you Explaining the process to disable Flash messages for iPhone devices only.

If you turn off Flash messages on your iPhone device, you can start them back at any time because here, you are given both starts and stop facility, by which you can stop and stop Flash messages at any time. You can turn it on, here, you have complete control.

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Steps to Turn off Flash SMS (Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Jio, etc.)

Now I am going to tell you the step by step process through which you can easily disable flash messages on your iPhone device, here, we are telling you the process to turn off flash messages from a famous sim providers like Airtel, Vodafone idea, Big companies like Jio come.

  • To Disable Flash Messages on your iPhone device, first, you have to open the settings of the iPhone from where you control the SIM available on your mobile.
Turn off Flash Messages on iPhone
  • After opening the setting of the iPhone device, you have to open the mobile data option, where you will see the option of SIM application, you have to open it.
    3 The name of the provider is shown, it depends on your SIM.
  • We will assume that if you have a SIM of Airtel, you will be shown two options like this where the first option is airtel now and the second option is airtel live, out of which you have to click on the first option airtel now is.
Turn off Flash Messages on iPhone
  • When you click on the airtel now button, the settings of the airtel sim are opened in front of you where you see the start-stop option on which you have to click, here, you also see the service option where you can get information about your SIM.
Turn off Flash Messages on iPhone
  • When you go to the start-stop section, then two buttons are given in front of you, out of which you will click on the stop button, after which the flash messages coming on your phone will stop automatically.
  • If you ever want to enable your Flash messages later, you can visit the same process and click on the Start button, after which you will start receiving Flash messages.

What to Do if Flash Messages are Still Not Gone?

If you follow all this process described by us, then flash messages will stop coming on your phone, and when flash messages are disabled on your phone, you get a confirmation message where you are about to disable flash messages. If you have not received any such confirmation and still you are receiving flash messages on the phone.

To stop this process of flash messages, you can contact your sim provider, where you have to ask about disabling all flash messages sent by the sim provider, after which you will never receive flat messages on your phone. Different numbers have been created to contact different SIM providers, which have been told to you through the table below.

If you want to contact your SIM provider, you can dial the number of your SIM provider from the given table, after which the health centre will solve your problem.

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Customer Care numbers:

Airtel: 121
Vodafone Idea: 198
Reliance Jio: 198
BSNL: 1800 180 1503

Easily Turn off Annoying Flash Messages on Your iPhone.

The process of disabling flash messages through the iPhone is very simple, through which you can easily disable flash messages. You can call the number where you can request to disable flash messages.

If you contact customer care, then flash messages will be disabled on your phone forever, and you will never have any problems. You can share with family members and friends so that they can also know the process of disabling text messages on their iPhone device, and if you face any problems, you can ask us by commenting.

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